Willow Creek Railroad Museum Operating Rules


Operating Personnel: During event hours when public on grounds

Engineers: Minimum age 14. Must prove to Safety Officer that he/she can operate engine/train.

Conductor: Must prove to Safety Officer that he/she can operate train.


Engines, Steam:

•  All steam locomotives must have a valid Boiler Certificate from either their resident club or a

state certificate from the state which the locomotive is from.  Certificate must be dated for the current year.  Certificates from other meets are acceptable as long as they are for the current year.

•  Steam Locomotives have priority on Track 1 through station, for water access.

•  During meets or large gatherings Engineers of steam locomotives must demonstrate they are capable of making one full circuit of the track, without stopping to buildup steam pressure.  This demonstration shall be done with at least two (2) loaded cars in addition to engineers’ car, if they wish to pull passengers.


Steaming Bays:

•  Use extreme caution in the loading/unloading area.

•  Young children must be supervised in the in this area during the loading/unloading of equipment.



•  Steam Locomotives have priority on Track 1 through the station, for water access.

•  Inside Yard Limits keep speed to a minimum, 1 MPH or less.

•  Tracks 1, 2, and 4 approaching the station must be kept clear of parked trains at all times.


Track / Mainline:

•  The maximum speed on the Mainline is 6 MPH.  Engineers exceeding set speeds will be warned.

•  All trains with five (5) cars or more must have a conductor.

•  Leave all switches aligned for main track.  Lock down all car barn switches (either direction you travel through them).

•  Obey all signals:

            •  Red means STOP, 5 feet prior to signal.

            •  Yellow means proceed with CAUTION.

            •  Green means GO.


Night Running:

•  All trains running after dusk must have a working headlight and a Red Flashing Rear End Device (FRED), or caboose markers on the end of train.



General Rules:


•  Do not walk or stand on track.

•  Do not run anywhere in the park.

•  Children MUST be supervised at all times.

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