Willow Creek Railroad Museum Junior Program


We the parents are looking toward the future, for who will take over and continue to run Willow Creek Railroad Museum.  We are hoping that by starting this program, it will bring the kids together.  It will teach them to work and learn about trains in a fun club setting. It will not be all work and no play!


Every month we will have a scheduled project at the park, or a field trip. Not every field trip will be about trains.  We want the kids to learn about other hobbies and people interests.  We will welcome other members’ hobbies or interests.  We would encourage them to share with the kids.  The projects at the park will be realistic.  We want the kids to see their accomplishments.  There will be an adult to help, encourage and over see each project.


The Junior Program is open for children from the ages of 4 through 17. The program is broken down into levels, with Level 1 (Brakeman) for those children from ages 4 through 13.  Level 2 (Engineer) is for those children from ages 14 through 17.  Parent involvement is a must and encouraged, for this program to be a complete success.


We know by being a part of this great club, the knowledge and fun are endless.  We are hoping that the kids will develop a bond and use what they have learned toward the future.  We know that it takes a team to make Willow Creek a complete success. We want the kids to know that they have a special place within the Willow Creek Railroad Museum.  They are a big part of this great organization.


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